Gala Aphrodite released Magento Mobile theme version

16 Nov 2012, 09:47

Gala Aphrodite Magento Theme now has mobile version for you to extend ability to be suitable with many smart devices. Premium fragrances and cosmetics will be shown in one column structure with full screen product images. Category navigation and bread crumbs will help customers to shop easily since it show categories and subcategories in the most logical way for small screen phone. Searching tools is the most helpful and convenient feature for finding necessary information easily while clients are surfing on phones. On the product landing page, the products are show in slider which save massive space and make your website super neat.

With this theme, increasing influence of your business on the internet world is not so difficult. Specially, it would have been easier for you, if you purchased Gala Aphrodite Magento Theme. Because it costs you no extra fee for this mobile version.

Gala Aphrodite Magento Mobile Theme

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Gala Non - Responsive Magento Theme released

12 Nov 2012, 16:10

Hi there,

Gala Non Responsive Magento Theme is a highly qualified template with newly developed functions and others amazing features. Nice design, which provides an attractive, gracious, and luxury view, is also integrated with real eye-catchy arrangement. New premium framework, responsive function, is included to make the website more convenient and friendly. Besides, others features, such as Mega Menu, slideshow, and theme variation, ensure it brings stable operation, user-friendly layout and easy to manage. With the theme, to be both a successful business people and a professional website administrator at the same time is no more difficult.

Gala Non Magento Responsive Theme

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Gala EverBuy released Magento Mobile Theme version

2 Nov 2012, 15:30

Hi there,

When supermarket goes online, a comfortable website for all customers to surf, finding information and order their desired products. A mobile version is a necessary requirement for e-commerce website when the devices become smaller and smaller. Gala EverBuy Magento Theme for mobile is now releasing to meet the increasingly demand.

A simplified design, which goes for a user-friendly, lightweight template will bring a nicely neat and clean view on portable devices. The integrated function on this version will guarantee maximum of customers’ concentration as well as highlighting your prominent products and hot deals.

Good news is you can buy this theme with the same price. The best deal comes with this template is if you already own the website version of the theme, you can update this version for free. No extra fee is charge for getting this helpful tool for your e-commerce supermarket.

We believe that with the theme you will satisfy your customers, even tough clients.

Gala EverBuy Magento Mobile Theme

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Magento Theme Gala Gearbox released mobile version

17 Oct 2012, 10:30

Hi there,

We are very happy to announce that new Gala Gear Box Magento Theme for mobile version is now released. If you already bought our previous theme, you will be very interested in this amazing news. If you are wondering yourself whether how much it is and how nice it would be. No worries! You will have our amazing mobile theme for FREE, if you purchased its website version.

So excited about the news? But don’t forget to go to our website to get yours. It is right there waiting for you.


Gala Gearbox Magento Mobile Theme

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Camping Magento Go Theme - Gala Go CampStore released

5 Oct 2012, 08:00

Gala Camp Store Magento Go Theme provides a warm and adventure layout for camping or tramping gear stores. Layout is simple, but full of adventure feeling to get concentration of your dear customers on products. Integration of real beautiful slideshow with nice visual effects of transitions, and menu with full categories makes the website more attractive and exclusive. Many others extensions and modules empower the website to attract customers and increase sales in a short time.

Gala Camp Store Magento Go Theme

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Restaurant Magento Go Theme - Gala Go Foodiris released

4 Oct 2012, 19:00

We would love to introduce you our new Gala Theme for fast food restaurants, named Gala Go Foodiris Magento Theme. It has a neat, clean design which can be a symbolic image for a premium quality and services. Foodiris Magento Template is also a fancy screenshot with different tone of red and white to emphasize spirit of your restaurant. All the integrated functions, such as extensions, modules are to guarantee stability of the website. Also, it makes the website more impressive, easier to follow.

Gala Food Magento Go Theme

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Magento Theme Gala Cook mobile version released

5 Sep 2012, 15:00

Hi fellow,

We are very happy to officially inform you that our Gala Cook Magento Theme now has mobile version. With the special version, it is more comfortable for the customers to shop on their mobiles. It has one column structure that avoids messy look and the website is neater, cleaner and easier to follow. Let's shows the best of you to the world not only through web version but also through more portable devices.

Gala Cook Magento Mobile Theme

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Gala Valezo - Wine Store Magento Theme has been released

10 Jul 2012, 17:10

Gala Valezo is a Wine Store Magento Theme which express feeling when people is drinking wine. Luxury, elegant, but still warm, relaxed, and classic atmosphere is aim of this theme, so our designer used different yellow block to emphasize it. Furthermore, white yellow blocks highlight wine bottles and make it look so tasty. That’s why viewer will get in drinking mood and try to enjoy it right away. Magento theme is famous for its friendly layout and design. It provides powerful tools for owner to utilize the theme or adding their unique “finger print” on the site. Moreover, this magento theme include strong features that help both the customers and the owners in sorting and finding products. They are organized in groups which contain similar or relative products. The customers can find their wanted wine in just second. Feeling the theme, the customers will find how fabulous your wines are.

Gala Valezo - Wine Store Magento Theme

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Gala Peta - Pet Store Magento Theme introduction

10 Jul 2012, 16:30

Gala Peta - Pet Store Magento Theme is a specialized magento theme for your lovely pet shop. The first thing viewers will see is warmth colors, yellow and pink. These two colors bring your customers peaceful,calm and happy feeling, just like what their future puppies, kitty, or hamsters bring them. The standard layout is also friendly and easy to follow. Helpful supportive tools will allow you to change your themes that you and your customers would fall in love with. It is likely to building your dream house, and now you are building your dream online store with your own hand, ability and imagination. Through brand slider, cloud zoom javascript effect, Ajax Add product to Cart, Mega Menu, you can design your menu, banner, columns that get closer to your brand image and slogan, because no one can understand the soul of the shop than you do.

Gala Peta - Pet Store Magento Theme

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