Gala Valezo is a Wine Store Magento Theme which express feeling when people is drinking wine. Luxury, elegant, but still warm, relaxed, and classic atmosphere is aim of this theme, so our designer used different yellow block to emphasize it. Furthermore, white yellow blocks highlight wine bottles and make it look so tasty. That’s why viewer will get in drinking mood and try to enjoy it right away. Magento theme is famous for its friendly layout and design. It provides powerful tools for owner to utilize the theme or adding their unique “finger print” on the site. Moreover, this magento theme include strong features that help both the customers and the owners in sorting and finding products. They are organized in groups which contain similar or relative products. The customers can find their wanted wine in just second. Feeling the theme, the customers will find how fabulous your wines are.

Gala Valezo - Wine Store Magento Theme

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