Step 1: Get the extension key from Magento Connect.

Enter it to your Magento Connect Manager:

Step 1 - Install via magento connect
Step 1 - Install via magento connect - 2
Step 1 - Install via magento connect - 3

Step 2: Return to your Magento back-end. You should try to logout your admin account and login again. Flush magento cache if cache is turned on. Go to menu System > Design > click button Add Design Change, then select Gala Eva theme:

Step 2 - Activate the theme

Step 3: Now you need to specify the default homepage of the theme, Go to System > Configuration > Web > Default Pages > select page Eva Home Page in CMS Home Page field:

Step 3 - Select home page

Step 4: Take a look at Manage Pages, you will see the theme's Homepage Eva Home Page added:

Step 4 - Manage Pages

In Static Blocks manager you will also see the theme's static blocks added:

Step 4 - Static Blocks

Step 5: Now view your home page, you will see it look like:

Step 5 - Homepage

If your latest products do not appear, probably your products are not set as new products. You should check your products if values of Set Product as New from Date and Set Product as New to Date attributes are specified:

Step 5 - New Product attributes

Step 6: Customizing color, images and backgrounds. This theme provides a powerful settings, go to System > Configuration > GENERAL > Gala Eva Theme Settings:

Step 6 - Gala Eva Theme Settings
Step 6 - Gala Eva Theme Settings - Dashboard

It allows you to configure fonts, text colors, background colors, background images of various elements. Ability to configure product image sizes, product thumbnail sizes, product image background colors and more.

Step 7: Edit homepage, static blocks, banner. You can edit everything by editing the static blocks and pages generated by Gala Eva theme.

Step 8: Edit slideshow images, go to CMS > Static Blocks > edit Main Slideshow block, double-click on the magento widget icon:

Step 8 - magento widget icon

You can specify slideshow images, text, links, transition effects etc and more... There is over 20 transition effects for your choice!

Step 8 - slideshow settings

Checkout live demo here or View more details or Download Now

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