Gala ColorSwatches is a free magento extension that allow to display color swatches or color switchers on product details page by replacing drop-down custom options or configurable product's options.

Custom options or product attributes such as color, size, types can be displayed as thumbnail images. It works well with any type of products, simple products, configurable products, etc... Product options and thumbnails images are configured in the backend. The user interface and backend settings is designed with use friendly, standard magento UI and easy to use.

Gala Color Swatches Magento extension can be installed via Magento Connect within minutes, it does not require to hack code, or change magento core or change anything in your magento theme.

This Magento color swatches extension released for free and it's compatible with all magento version from,, or latest This magento extension developed by Galathemes.

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How to configure?

After installed, go to System menu > Configuration > left menu GENERAL > Gala ColorSwatches Settings:

Color Swatches - Backend

Specify which custom options, option value and corresponding thumbnail images as described.

How it works?

Example, here is your product options:

Color Swatches - Custom Options

Here is how the color swatches shows up on product detail page:

Color Swatches - Custom Options