Proper SEO Implementation on Your Web Store Can Make a BIG Difference

19 Dec 2013, 02:29

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a long-used, vague term that elicits a set of conflicting emotions for merchants. In its most general sense it defines a set of actions merchants take to make sure their site shows up when customers search for their products via a search engine. Proper SEO implementation on your web store can make a big difference in its visibility and sales. put together a list of SEO statistics that should help you understand its value. To highlight a few key points: • Search [...]


Learn What You Don’t Know – Top 10 Questions for a Business Leader to Ask His Technical Team

13 Dec 2013, 06:11

Magento merchants tend to be dynamic, energetic and resourceful people. They pride themselves on their ability to research and learn the technical knowledge required to manage and grow an online business. However, because there is so much to learn, most people on the business side have only a surface understanding of the technologies and terminologies. Even the most adept merchants often feel they are speaking to someone from another planet when dealing with developers. Almost every merchant [...]


Magento Community Edition Is Here

11 Dec 2013, 23:00

Magento Community Edition is here! This latest release includes many contributions from the Magento developer community and empowers merchants to operate their online stores more easily and efficiently by delivering significant tax calculation updates, functional improvements, and security enhancements, including: Tax Calculation Updates Building on tax improvements made in our most recent release, Magento Community Edition provides more accurate and consistent Value Added Tax [...]


Top 5 Magento Coding Recommendations to Optimize Site Performance

4 Dec 2013, 03:11

In eCommerce, customer satisfaction and conversion hinge on site performance. Yet how do you implement all the bells and whistles to attract today’s elusive consumer without impacting site speed? According to Radware’s Tammy Everts, the average web page has grown 151% over the past three years, with over half that bulk coming from images. No wonder retailers around the world find the industry’s 3-second page load benchmark so elusive! Studies find over 92% of retailers are failing to hit this [...]


6 Tips To Pull Off Holiday Shipping Without a Hitch

27 Nov 2013, 20:00

Shipping can sometimes feel like the bane of a small business’s your existence, but with sufficient time spent outlining a shipping game plan for the holidays, you can pull things off without a hitch. Here are 6 tips to help you avoid the rush and pull off holiday shipping: 1. Plan ahead. There’s no way to pinpoint what your holiday sales will be, but you can estimate a potential range so you have enough inventory and extra help with packing and shipping. Preparation is one of the only variables [...]


Developer Spotlight – Sergey Ostapchik

26 Nov 2013, 01:52

In the spotlight today is Sergey Ostapchik, Magento Certified Developer Plus at aheadWorks, and a Magento Platinum Industry Partner based in Minsk, Belarus. His recent projects include the aheadWorks Advisor Project, an eCommerce Gamification Module, and the OnePulse mobile administration extension. How did you make a decision to become a Magento developer? Was it made by chance? I decided to be a programmer about eight years ago. The choice was not accidental, because I’m that kind of a person [...]


Mothercare Turns to Magento For Global Expansion

22 Nov 2013, 23:00

Mothercare, a U.K. retailer and longtime provider of specialty products for expectant mothers and their children, has recently completed another milestone of their global expansion by launching their Mothercare Ukraine storefront on Magento Enterprise Edition. The newly launched website is fully localized with language, currency, checkout, and shipping, reflecting local market needs and serving as the platform for a seamless brand experience–online and offline–through Mothercare Ukraine’s [...]


Three Ways Free Shipping Can Help You Grow

22 Nov 2013, 20:00

When it comes to your online store, there are many factors to take into consideration when you want to increase your sales. Undoubtedly, the actual value of what you are offering is the most important aspect of your business. However, just because you have a great product doesn’t mean it will sell like hotcakes. Other factors such as the design of your website, a competitive market cost, and customer service are also vitally important. But when it comes to online sales, how you offer shipping [...]


Expanding Opportunities for Magento Merchants, Partners and Developers

22 Nov 2013, 02:05

Today marks a new chapter in the evolution of Magento. What started out as a simple vision to enable retailers to drive online sales has evolved into the world’s leading ecommerce platform. We are proud of what we have accomplished as an ecosystem and we are excited about our future as we continue to transform the retail landscape. Today, we’re announcing that Magento has become part of eBay Enterprise. By combining the extensive capabilities of our leading organizations, we are bringing the [...]


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