Imagine Conference- SOLD OUT (waiting list open)

29 Feb 2012, 03:40

SOLD OUT! Priority Waiting list Now Open. Working on adding more space. As we expected (and warned), we have sold out of registrations. In fact, we held registration open beyond our original sell out target capacity as we believe we will be able to adjust the venue and flow to accommodate more attendees. In the next week or so we will better know the amount of added capacity the venue adjustments will allow, as well as we will have a better handle on utilization of sponsor reserved tickets. Sign [...]


Meet Tobias Vogt: Magento Certified Developer

29 Feb 2012, 00:00

We return to Berlin for today's Certified Developer Profile. Tobias Vogt is an active member of Berlin's Magento community. Not only has Tobias demonstrated his skills via the certification exam; he also shares his expertise via a Magento-related blog and podcast. Magento: When did you start working with Magento? Tobias: In 2008, our agency, code-x, decided to move our business model to an open-source system. After comparing several options, we chose Magento. I was responsible for implementing [...]


E.C. Kraus: A Home-Brewed Magento Success Story

28 Feb 2012, 00:00

Family-owned business E.C. Kraus has been providing supplies for making beer and wine at home since 1966. Recently the company asked Magento Solution Partner Groove Commerce to create an eCommerce store that would cater to the different needs of their two main customer groups – wine makers and beer brewers. Using the Magento Enterprise platform, Groove Commerce built a dynamic site that gives all of E.C. Kraus’ customers exactly what they want. Wine lovers can now easily find the perfect testing [...]


Meet Magento at Improove Business Inspiration

23 Feb 2012, 22:09

Join Magento and Silver Solution Partner Improove for ”Improove Business Inspiration” in Stockholm, Sweden, March 7, 2012. Speakers from all over the eCommerce-sphere will share their expertise and experience in an inspiration filled conference all about Magento. If you are considering taking your store online, you will learn about all of the possibilities that Magento presents. If you already have an online store you will discover how far Magento can take it. Network with Magento and Improove [...]


Generating Revenue through Advanced Site Search and Navigation

23 Feb 2012, 04:08

A Webinar Presented by Zeon Solutions and Magento Generating Revenue through Advanced Site Search and Navigation Drive eCommerce results like you’ve never seen before with advanced search and navigation capabilities. In this webinar, Zeon Solutions, a Magento Gold Solution Partner, will demonstrate the many ways that advanced site search can work to improve navigation and in-turn deliver greater ROI for your Magento eCommerce website. Zeon Solutions has teamed up with search and business [...]


Automate Your Testing with the Magento Test Automation Framework

23 Feb 2012, 01:00

Testing. Testing. Are you there? Good. Now that we’ve got your attention, we want to tell you about the new Magento Test Automation Framework, or TAF for short. This software package is ideal for running repeated functional tests against a normally installed Magento application. And if you’re a developer or QA specialist, you’re in for a treat. You can quickly develop all kinds of tests for the current Magento version without having to tediously build an automation infrastructure. Besides [...]


French Retailer Puts Its Best Foot Forward With Magento Enterprise

23 Feb 2012, 00:00

If you run into someone in France wearing Birkenstock sandals, chances are they’re either an American backpacker or a CB2 customer. CB2 is the exclusive retailer of Birkenstock products in France. Realizing that more and more people are choosing to buy footwear online, they decided to launch NOS-SANDALES.COM, an online store dedicated to Birkenstock. The company embarked on an intensive global search to find a partner that could help them create an eCommerce site that would fit their size and [...]


The Survey Says: More Top Merchants Choose Magento

22 Feb 2012, 06:30

Can it really be that the disruptive platform we launched just 4 years ago has become the market leader? According to a recent survey of the Alexa Top 1 Million sites, the answer is a resounding “yes!” UK developer Tom Robertshaw just released the latest edition of his quarterly eCommerce survey. The survey looks at all sites in the Alexa 1 Million that are doing eCommerce, then analyzes those sites to identify which platform is being used. Once again, Magento topped the field. In fact, the [...]


Magento Go: Sign Up for Tomorrow’s SEO Webinar

22 Feb 2012, 05:13

February 22, 2012 I 10:30AM PST Webinar: Learn The Fundamentals of SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is both an art and science. In today's market, it's also an essential part of any digital marketing mix. Digital Operative, a digital marketing agency, is here to take you through the ever-changing landscape of SEO as it pertains to your eCommerce website.You'll learn the basics from setting up your Magento Go store to onpage optimization to offpage SEO factors. Here are the details: Date: [...]


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