Meet Fabian Blechschmidt: Magento Certified Developer

21 Feb 2012, 23:47

Magento Certified Developers are popping up everywhere. Today’s profile comes from Berlin, a city with a large and growing Magento developer community. Let’s get to know one of Berlin’s first Magento Certified Developers, Fabian Blechschmidt Magento: When did you start working with Magento? What were your initial reactions to the platform? Fabian: When I started working with Magento in Spring 2011 my first reaction was “Wow! This is much more complex than I expected.” But after reading [...]


Meet Bart Delvaux: Magento Certified Developer

15 Feb 2012, 00:06

Here's the second in our series of certified developer profiles. Today’s post features Bart Delvaux, a Magento Certified Developer who works for PHPro, an enterprise development company in Belgium. Magento: When did you start working with Magento, and what attracted you to the platform? Bart: I started in working with Magento when I joined PHPro in August 2010. My first impression of the platform was that it was complex and took a long time to understand how the system works. But the longer [...]


Magento Community takes Success and Passion to a New Level…and the Challenge Only Just Began!

14 Feb 2012, 09:40

The Imagine Challenge kicked off last month, and there are already some amazing entries! While the rest of you finish up perfecting and editing your photos and videos, check out the [...]


Gorilla Commerce: A Solution Partner’s Perspective on Magento Developer Certification

10 Feb 2012, 00:05

Magento Solution Partners often play a pivotal role in helping merchants deploy great Magento sites. These companies pride themselves in being the go-to experts on Magento implementations. So it’s no surprise that some of our most forward-thinking Solution Partners have rushed to have their developers take the Magento Developer Certification exam. Among the partners who are leading the way in terms of having their developers certified is Gorilla Commerce, a Chicago-based agency that already has [...]


Lax World Scores with Magento: Sales Up 15%, First-Time Order Value Up 20%

9 Feb 2012, 08:32

Lax World is a company that sells gear and goods to lacrosse devotees nationwide. Originally a successful chain of brick-and-mortar stores, Lax World expanded into eCommerce a few years ago, with strong initial results. In fact, it became clear to Lax World that their existing platform couldn’t keep up with their growth. That’s when their Solution Partner, Groove Commerce, recommended Magento Enterprise as the perfect platform for building a new online store that would reach the entire range [...]


SumAll partners with Magento to become a new Gold Industry Partner

9 Feb 2012, 03:16

SumAll offers a new data analytics tool for Magento store owners to use their sales and revenue data to make better decisions and more money. Stores easily sync up with SumAll's online tool, and within a matter of minutes, real-time information about company revenue history, customer groups, sales patterns, and trajectory can be accessed. You can answer questions such as: Are new customers worth more than returning customers? Which day of the week is the best choice for running a promotional [...]


Magento Go: What You Should Know about SEO

7 Feb 2012, 05:20

February 22, 2012 I 10:30AM PST Webinar: Learn The Fundamentals of SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is both an art and science. In today's market, it's also an essential part of any digital marketing mix. Digital Operative, a digital marketing agency, is here to take you through the ever-changing landscape of SEO as it pertains to your eCommerce website.You'll learn the basics from setting up your Magento Go store to onpage optimization to offpage SEO factors. Here are the details: Date: [...]


Meet Matt Kammersell: Magento Certified Developer

7 Feb 2012, 00:28

With all the buzz in the market (and on these pages) about Magento Developer Certification, you may be wondering: “Who are these Magento Certified Developers? What are they like? And how can I get a hold of one to help me?" We decided to address those questions by profiling some certified developers in our blog. Today’s profile features one of the first developers to earn Magento Developer Certification: Matt Kammersell. Matt put the code aside for a few moments to answer some of our questions: Magento: [...]


Let a Magento Solution Partner Guide You to eCommerce Success

6 Feb 2012, 22:00

A great online store holds the promise of strengthening your brand, building your customer base, and increasing your overall revenue. Whether you are launching your first online store or updating an existing site, you may need advice on how best to approach a project of this size and scope: What strategic direction do you want to take your brand, and what role will eCommerce play? What features of an online store are essential vs. nice to have? Do you require extensive integration with existing [...]


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Responsive Magento Theme - Gala Marcos

A truly impressive Magento template for fashion store from Galathemes, Gala Marcos. It amazes visitors by modern and high-fashion look, and also, neat design.

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Magento Custom Development

Magento is the most powerful eCommerce system offering rich customization possibilities by extensions and modules.

We offer custom extension development performed by our full-time Magento experts to ensure the custom extension developed follow Magento code standard, optimized and pass our quality tests.

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Magento Custom Design

Design and development a custom Magento template for your Magento store. Our designers and developers are specialists in Magento Commerce and have strong experience in Magento projects.

We provide all design in PSD files, template package and sample data. We also help you install the theme on your store if required. We start your project instantly and with highest priority.

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PSD to Magento Theme Conversion

PSD to Magento Theme Conversion is a leading strength of us. We have an intelligent process and experienced staff, so you will save much time.

We easily convert a store designs in PSD format into a fully functional Magento commerce template. Quick and convenient for you to create an online store based on Magento is through "PSD to Magento Theme Conversion" service. We bring the flexibility, user friendly modules, and the extensions to improve the functionality of Magento.

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We update our Magento knowledge everyday. Having an excellent knowledge on Magento design, Magento programming and server optimization, we guarantee your project get done perfectly.

We apply the philosophy of agile project management to ensure your project always performs on the right way, you'll get updates frequently, any changes of scope of project can be informed early to minimize risks, time and cost.

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We realy provide the best service for you. Among them are optimized for Magento server is very important. Your ecommerce shop will flexibility and agility absolute. Connecting with customers, processing speed, the gentle query and sensitive to the search engine is very easy

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