New Magento Tutorials

9 Sep 2011, 14:08

A new set of Magento Tutorials is now available at and you’re welcome to check it out. As you follow these tutorials you will learn a lot of tips on how to work with Magento and Magento Templates. To name a few tutorials: • How to install Magento Templates • How to edit and [...]


Toolbar and Pager Messed after Upgrading Magento

8 Sep 2011, 14:32

Since Magento 1.3 , there has a been a lot of changes in the toolbar section. So, after you upgrade your Magento web stores, you will find broken toolbar and broken pagination. In order to fix it, you will have to tweak the toolbar.phtml a lot. Here we have attached a toolbar.phtml , which we [...]


Frette on Magento

8 Sep 2011, 03:56

Frette on Magento [...]


How to get Cart Total Items and Total Price in Magento

8 Sep 2011, 02:40

Here is the code : So, to explain, Here you retrieve the amount of items the user has into the cart: Here you get the total price of those items: [...]


The X.commerce eXpress Bus is Coming to You

7 Sep 2011, 22:18

X.commerce: An Exciting New Commerce Platform Magento is joining forces with eBay, PayPal and many other commerce leaders to create a global, open commerce platform called X.commerce. This open platform will leverage the talent of the worldwide developer community and offers you the opportunity to use all the great assets and brands to accelerate your business and create innovative new business models. Due for Release at Innovate Developers Conference X.commerce will be formally launched at the [...]


Jewelry Magento Themes

7 Sep 2011, 07:38

Jewelry Magento Themes allow you to change your store’s look and feel. As you may notice from the title these designs are perfect for online jewelry stores that are powered by Magento. So they may be of interest for online jewelry retailers. We offer the best Jewelry Magento Templates you can find online. And here [...]


Learn how Ixtens can help you expand your product catalog without inventory risk

7 Sep 2011, 03:29

A Webinar Presented by Ixtens and Magento Build a Marketplace on Magento: Learn how Ixtens can help you expand your product catalog without inventory risk Ixtens Marketplace solution for Magento makes managing multi-vendor marketplaces easy by automating communication, and giving the marketplace owner powerful tools to sell a unified catalog. It also provides each supplier with their own ‘seller central’ account, enabling them to manage their own inventory and orders directly. This [...]


Calling All Industry Partners at

6 Sep 2011, 21:01

Ready to be part of the fastest-growing wave in eCommerce? Join Magento before the start of on Monday, September 12 from 2:00PM to 5:00PM and learn how your technology or extension can leverage the ever growing Magento ecosystem. Since Magento’s launch in early 2008, the platform has been downloaded more than 3 million times and powers in excess of $25 billion in annual sales from more than 110,000 merchants worldwide. The Magento ecosystem is fueling this fantastic growth with more [...]


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