Multi-Layered Magento Templates

6 Sep 2011, 09:09

Here you will find 14 Magento templates which incorporate multiple layers to create a feeling of movement. At the same time multiple layers add some depth to the Magento templates and make them different from other designs of this kind. Now we suggest that you scroll down and see for yourself how impressive the following Magento [...]


Quick Tip: Using a Frontend Model For Your Module Configuration Parameter

5 Sep 2011, 05:00

You can greatly enhance your module's configuration options by using a front end model class. This example quick tip will show how to create a Yes/No toggle option that reveals or hides the dependent text option. Originally published on Copyright © 2011 Magebase - All Rights Reserved. [...]


Add an active HOME menu link to Magento navigation

3 Sep 2011, 10:23

Magento main navigation bar doesn’t add a Home menu item to its code, so we had to hardcode it into it. Just find the relevant phtml file. On most cases, its here, app/design/frontend/default/your-template/template/catalog/navigation/top.phtml Just find where the UL list of the menu code starts. Just inside it, place this code, [...]


Add Newsletter to static block

3 Sep 2011, 10:18

If you need to have the newsletter block placed on your static block, then use this short code : [...]


eCommerce Forums to take place in Boston (9/14) and Toronto (9/15)

3 Sep 2011, 05:12

IN THE WORLD OF ECOMMERCE EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR REVENUE GROWTH. Grow your business with a custom, effective and customer friendly online store. With Magento Enterprise you can create an eCommerce site that is designed from the ground up to engage customers and turn browsers to buyers. Join us at a Magento eCommerce Forum where Magento and key partners will show you how easy it is to create a custom online store that will maximize your eCommerce revenue stream. EVENT HIGHLIGHTS Introduction [...]


Place Sidebar Cart on Product Details Page only

2 Sep 2011, 07:47

If you would like to place the cart sidebar on product details page only of Magento, then here is how to do that. Goto to catalog.xml and find the starting reference for Then place this code : [...]


Hotels Magento Theme

1 Sep 2011, 03:34

This article I would recommend to the Hotel Magento Theme. I found some Hotels magento Theme although they are a little . I hope that will be a lot of Hotels Magento Theme in next time The providers Magento Theme always wants to bringing you the best products, the unique designs and innovative. Therefore they [...]


Last Chance for Early Bird Savings - Innovate Developer’s Conference

30 Aug 2011, 21:36

Innovate is for Any Developer Who Cares Works in eCommerce If eCommerce is part of your world, then the Innovate Developer's Conference should be too! It's a two day event jam-packed with incredible speakers, hands-on training, great networking opportunities and lots of fun. Here are some key highlights: Discover how Magento, PayPal and eBay are creating the future of commerce with the new X.commerce platform Hear from eCommerce industry leaders including TOMS Shoes founder Blake Mycoskie A [...]


Magento Stores Selling Handmade Goods

30 Aug 2011, 12:57

Today we have a new selection of Magento stores for your inspiration. These are the online stores that are offering handmade products including jewelry, hats, soap, baked goods, etc. We thought you would like to see such websites because each of them is not only offering unique items for sale, but is unique in its [...]


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