Magento Templates with Great Use of Textures

17 Aug 2011, 09:31

Textures when used properly give awesome results: textured websites look very realistic and create a pleasant feeling of comfort and joy. All textures (wooden textures, stone textures, paper textures and others) add depth to web designs. The primary focus of this article is to give you inspiration to make your Magento stores more beautiful and [...]


404 Error on Magento CMS Pages

17 Aug 2011, 05:52

If you are getting 404 error on your Magento CMS pages on the admin, then execute this line of SQL command and you are done. DELETE FROM cms_page_store WHERE store_id NOT IN (SELECT store_id FROM core_store) [...]


Magento 1.4 Theming Cookbook Now Available from Packt Publishing

16 Aug 2011, 22:58

Magento 1.4 Theming Cookbook is like a toolbox for building Magento themes. Thanks to its cookbook approach, the recipes found in this book can be applied in almost any Magento theme. This book will help you to create a Magento theme using recipes in a step-by-step approach. Although you can dive into any individual recipe, the cookbook is organized in a way that will help beginners learn Magento theming by doing. More advanced users can refer to just the recipes that will be useful to them. You [...]


Edit the Recent Orders Styling on Customer Dashboard

16 Aug 2011, 20:13

In Magento, you will be stuck at many places like we got stuck today at one point. We wanted to style the RECENT ORDERS layout on the CUSTOMER DASHBOARD area and we were not able to find the right file to edit.   FInally, discovered that, sales/order/recent.phtml was our location. [...]


[Magento FIX] Invalid website id requested

16 Aug 2011, 14:48

if on your website website, you get any such error , “Invalid website id requested” .   Then the primary reason of this error is that your database is messed up. In order to fix this, you just have to use Magento Database Repair Tool and fix your database. [...]


Meet Magento Goes London – Coming October 26th!

13 Aug 2011, 04:56

After many successful years in Germany and the Netherlands, we have decided to answer the many requests and will bring Meet Magento to the UK on October 26, 2011. Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center - October 26, 2011 We are excited to announce that we were able to quickly secure a stellar venue right in the heart of London, steps from Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center.  It is here that Magento will bring the best of the eCommerce [...]


The Making of a Magento Master

12 Aug 2011, 21:30

Do you find that your code works, but you’re not sure why? You find that your code has somehow caused an issue with other functionality. Why? The plight of the developer? Not necessarily. This is why we provide the Magento Developers course. The key to successful development is getting things right the first time and knowing that your work will pass thorough testing with flying colors. After taking the Magento Developer course you will get the insights needed to know why an extension works, [...]


Free Magento Templates: Fresh and Nice Looking

12 Aug 2011, 12:50

Do you find it important to know about all Magento Templates which are available free of charge? Then be sure you visit our blog often. We are never tired to share the latest free Magento Templates we find on the net. Today we’d like to introduce you to 3 Magento Templates: two of them are to [...]


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