Sports Magento Theme

10 Aug 2011, 09:47

Our lives will be more meaningful if we know how to entertain healthily, playing sports is always a good choice. Playing sports help us have a good health to work better. It is the reason why there is many of Sport Magento templates are designed.There is Sport Magento Themes for many purposes: playing sports instruction, [...]


Online Baby Stores Using Magento

10 Aug 2011, 07:48

It has been a while since we reviewed awesome Magento sites, so here are some for your inspiration. To be more specific, we will be featuring online baby stores powered by the Magento eComerce platform, the stores which are offering a variety of baby clothes, toys, gifts, furniture and other baby products. We hope you’ll [...]


Magento Answers - Question of the Week

10 Aug 2011, 03:00

Does Crowd-sourcing Really Work? Hey Folks, It's a perfect day for Magento Answers! Each week we'd like to highlight a question from the community and listen to what you have to say. One of the questions asked by our Community that I'd like to crowd-source is this one: What is a clean Theme for a Store with limited Products? Is it our famous Blank Theme? No, I don't think so! But we want to hear from you. So open your favorites and get the best out of it - post your answer in Magento Answers [...]


Magento Meetup in Atlanta - September 6th, 2011

10 Aug 2011, 01:29

Join Atlanta-area Magento Commerce users, developers, designers and fans on September 6th, 2011 at 7:00 PM to discuss what we have done with Magento Commerce. Magento Meetup Atlanta links Magento folks for the sharing of eCommerce ideas and industry topics. It’s the local hot spot to organize, plan and collaborate on Magento projects. This meeting will be kindly hosted by Fowara at their headquarters in Atlanta at 8975 Roswell Road, Atlanta, GA 30350. Meetup starts at 7 pm. If you would like [...]


Quick Tip: Conditional Loading of JavaScript and CSS Using Your Module Configuration

9 Aug 2011, 21:26

It's really easy to create conditional JavaScript and CSS includes for your custom modules using module configuration parameters. Read on to see how.Originally published on Copyright © 2011 Magebase - All Rights Reserved. [...]


Magento - The Right Solution for eCommerce

9 Aug 2011, 06:58

A Webinar Presented by Cignex and Magento Magento - The Right Solution for eCommerce (Note the time for this webinar uses GMT - please calculate your local time accordingly.) Join Magento and Magento Gold Solution Partner Cignex, for an overview of eCommerce applications and the benefits of using Magento Enterprise. In this webinar we will discuss: The benefits of a Magento / CIGNEX solution Robust, flexible, integration capabilities & the open-source advantage Primary [...]


Changing layout on all products at once

8 Aug 2011, 18:31

Sometimes it may happen that, you want to change all of your product details page layout to be this or that and then you are stuck, since you need to edit each product and change the layout option on each of them. So, here is an easy way to get this done.   SHOW ALL [...]


Change Column Count in Magento Grid Layout

8 Aug 2011, 17:53

Magento by default comes with 3 products on a column. Lets say, you want to change it, but there is no easy way to get this done. For example, we want to keep 4 products in one row. So, here is how to do it :   Open catalog.xml of your template folder :   [...]


Magento Indexing stuck at Product Fulltext Search

4 Aug 2011, 10:39

If you are trying to reindex all of your Magento data, and it gets stuck on, PRODUCT FULL TEXT SEARCH, then here is the solution for that :   Create a file called “search-reindex.php” inside your magento root folder and put the following code.   Then run this script by visiting in your browser. [...]


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