[FIX] Magento Indexing Stuck at PRODUCT PRICES

4 Aug 2011, 10:34

If you are trying to REINDEX all of your Magento data and it keeps stucking at PRODUCT PRICES, then here is the fix for that!   First take a complete backup of your database. Then run this SQL query on the database :   [...]


Gift Store Magento Templates

4 Aug 2011, 10:09

More and more sites are switching to Magento because of its features and the ease of maintenance and usage. For the same reason we can see the growing number of Magento Templates. Some of them are good for online clothing stores, others are to be applied to online electronics stores, but this time we’d like [...]


Maximum execution time exceeded on Magento Installation on Localhost

3 Aug 2011, 05:53

If you are trying to install Magento on your localhost, WAMP or XAMPP, but your installation gets stuck in the middle with an error message, Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded , then here is the solution for that, On your index.php of your Magento Installation, add this one line of code : [...]


Improving the File Cache Backend

1 Aug 2011, 21:00

We know that we can enable the Magento cache to speed our sites up. We also know how to add APC or memcached into the mix. However, this does not always give us the expected results, so we need to understand the underlying caching mechanisms in order to improve on them.Originally published on magebase.com. Copyright © 2011 Magebase - All Rights Reserved. [...]


Google Optimizer on Magento: Where to start for maximum gain

1 Aug 2011, 02:23

Magento has Google Optimizer tools built in and so it makes sense to use them.  Google Optimizer allows you to present different content options to your prospective customers and then tracks which version converts more.  On top of this Google Optimizer has built in probability formulae that understand when a result is a ‘confident result’ [...]Originally published on magebase.com. Copyright © 2011 Magebase - All Rights Reserved. [...]


Color Contrast In Theme Magento

28 Jul 2011, 05:13

Usually when you look at magento theme the first thing we notice is the color of the theme. An important part of the theme success is the harmony of theme color. Otherwise, it will dazzle the user’s. I would love to learn about magento theme, I found a theme Color Contrast but it does not [...]


Magento Templates with jQuery Based Content And Image Sliders

26 Jul 2011, 10:24

Usually information has a purpose, whether to entertain, to inform, to sell a product, etc. Also, the information displayed at the top of the homepage is believed to be the most valuable one. However, sometimes there is no enough space at the top of the web page and this is where content and image sliders [...]


Color In Theme Magento

22 Jul 2011, 04:12

To create a theme, designer has to take time and think about color schemes of the theme. Each color in a theme is up to designer’s intent so users would find the beauty in the theme. Color scheme is very important to the success of the theme. With the magento theme, their colors are very [...]


Theme Magento With Classic Style

14 Jul 2011, 02:52

Last week, you have been approaches with Web design with modern style , modern style for our bright colors and new styles Today I will mention web design style with classic style. Style classic design gives us a deep bass colors, it does not seem to look lively Seems to be the difference between modern [...]


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