Free Magento Theme: Absolute

13 Nov 2009, 18:40

TemplateMaster has show that they really can produce a beautiful Magento theme with this on. Absolute has a very clean and professional feel. Great call-outs on the right and a nice featured product slider at the bottom. Great Work! [...]


Get Rich ByGiving Stuff Away

19 Oct 2009, 18:11

You want a sure fire way to make your efforts today pay off in the future? Well, give stuff away for FREE! [...]


Magento Product Thumbnail Image Switcher Made Easy

12 Oct 2009, 19:13

In this article we show you how to easily replace the default functionality of your product images (the pop-up window that displays when you click on a thumbnail below the main image) with a slick image swapping functionality that's a quick copy and paste. [...]


How to Easily Add a Banner to your Magento Homepage

8 Oct 2009, 22:49

Having problems getting a banner to display on your homepage? Well you're in luck. In this tutorial I show you how to quickly and easily get a home page banner up and running on your Mangento site in three easy steps. [...]


Any suggestions for Magento Tutorials!

18 Aug 2009, 05:07

Hi! We are looking to please you. To do this we need to know what you are looking to learn. Please...


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