At Imagine we strive to deliver a unique and valued experience to our audience that is well beyond a “yet another technology business conference”.  Our Imagine Keynote speakers are leaders of their industry, and are focused on bringing our attendees, in our fast changing technology world, a fresh perspective to building their business, brands and success. They will lift our minds above the noise of our day to day retail / eCommerce businesses and challenge us to focus on things that matter most in our long term success such as culture, people, leadership, information and brand.

Tim Kring

The Art of Storytelling & The New Monetization Models of Hollywood


Tim Kring is an Emmy Award-Winning Television screenwriter and producer , best known for Heroes, Crossing Jordan, and his newest creation, Touch.

Tim has been recognized for his industry-leading creativity in multi-platform storytelling.  He uses a variety of media outlets to create a story, and as inspiration behind Conspiracy for Good, where he blends entertainment, technology and philanthropy to allow the audience to become part of the story to create positive, real-world change.

Alison Levine

Risks & Developing No-Nonsense Teams That Succeed In Times Of Uncertainty


Alison Levine is an explorer and risk-taker—she‘s traveled across the North and South Poles and has climbed peaks on every continent, not to mention she was captain of the first American women’s Everest expedition.

Alison applies her leadership skills she’s gained from her expeditions to her professional life as well.  While she is currently serving as an adjunct professor at West Point Military Academy, she served as deputy finance director for Arnold Schwarzenegger, and runs her own consulting firm, Daredevil Strategies, which specializes in organizational effectiveness, leadership development, and team dynamics.

Stephen Messer

Big Data is Worthless, It’s About Big Answers


Stephen Messer is Co-Founder and Vice Chairman of Collective [i], a cloud-based marketing analytics platform that automates the work associated with compiling and analyzing data and socializes knowledge throughout the organization.  Stephen is recognized as an authority on entrepreneurship and online marketing.

Prior to starting Collective [i], Stephen and his sister founded, built, and managed LinkShare Corporation until its sale in 2005 to Rakuten for $425M.

Jim FitzGibbon

Culture as a Competitive Advantage


“Culture as Competitive Advantage” is the focus of Jim FitzGibbon’s presentation to delegates of Magento’s Imagine E-Commerce Conference 2012.  Jim details how Four Seasons, the world’s leading luxury hotel company, advanced from humble beginnings to become a globally recognized brand, by instilling a strong and unifying company culture.  He highlights how selecting employees with common values creates a dedicated workforce, aloyal customer base and ultimately, a profitable business.  Jim’s unique storytelling ability not only brings Four Seasons’ experience to life, but provides other business leaders with practical tools and tips for success.

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