Magento U expanded its reach in 2012, offering classes in Amsterdam, London, Berlin, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, and Sydney. We also launched our Online Instructor-Led training program so that students from all over the world could benefit from live instruction, group interaction, and all Magento U has to offer.

Here is what our instructors had to say about Magento U classes in 2012: 

“In 2012 instructing Magento U trainings has been a big treat and adventure. Seeing so many motivated, bright, and fun developers working on Magento projects makes me proud to be part of it. I’m very excited about what will happen in 2013 and the years to come!” - Vinai Kopp

“For 2013 I’m looking forward to new & advanced course offerings, and of course to meet more and more developers as we help increase the level of knowledge in the developer community. After training literally hundreds of developers in person, 2012 has continued to prove to me how much I enjoy what I do and how much I enjoy helping others become better Magento developers.” – Ben Marks

“It has been exciting to watch Magento U grow from our first summer series in 2010… and I’m very excited to be a part of Magento U as we face the new challenges of commerce in 2013.” – Karen Kilroy

“My favorite part of MagentoU is when my students ask questions that are unexpected, difficult or unusual. It allows me to take the course beyond the script which enhances it for everyone. The unexpected adds a little spice. And being from Texas, spicy is good.” – Kevin Schroder

Thanks to all of our students and instructors for making Magento U a great place to learn and grow. We have classes in new locations planned for 2013, and are continuing to expand the Magento U curriculum!

Download the Magento U 2013 Course Catalog


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