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2011: New Records, New Opportunities

Just a month ago, we celebrated the end of our greatest year yet, a year in which we celebrated countless milestones, highlights of which include:

  • Our first global conference, Imagine eCommerce, which sold out and earned 100% favorability ratings from attendees
  • The launch of Magento Go, our hosted solution for small and micro merchants
  • The 3 millionth download of the free, groundbreaking Magento Community software
  • The hiring of our 300th employee
  • Our acquisition by eBay, Inc. and the creation of X.commerce
  • The launch of Magento U and Magento Developer Certification
  • The introduction of Magento Enterprise v1.11, our most powerful and sophisticated offering to date
  • The growth of our Solution Partner Network to 330 partners
  • Surpassing the 5,000 extension milestone on Magento Connect
  • The launch of the New Magento Connect, including extensions for Magento Go


2012: Momentum and Acceleration

In true Magento style, we’re planning for even greater growth in 2012. And the year is already off to an incredible start:

  • This week, our 400th employee joined the organization, another remarkable milestone in Magento’s growth
  • The momentum behind Magento Enterprise continues to accelerate, as thousands more world-class merchants discover the unique benefits of our platform and ecosystem
  • Tickets and sponsorships for the 2nd Imagine conference (Las Vegas, April 23rd – 25th) are selling at a breakneck pace (in fact, we expect to be sold out very soon, well ahead of the event)
  • And we’re seeing tremendous demand for our recently-introduced Magento Enterprise Premium offering, which combines multi-year, multi-server licenses with a package of premium services to create the optimal solution for large-scale implementations


Product Line-Up: Focusing on Growth

Magento has always been focused on growth – specifically, the growth of our customers’ businesses and the growth of the ecosystem that supports their success. By focusing on what’s most important to our customers, we’ve helped transform the eCommerce landscape in just a few short years.

We are committed to continuous evaluation and innovation of our product portfolio to ensure our customers remain competitive and win in their markets. Following an extensive review of our current solutions and projected customer needs, we are making an important change: we are phasing out the Magento Professional Edition.

While Magento Professional was embraced by a significant number of merchants, we have seen much greater demand for our Enterprise. and new Enterprise Premium offerings. This tells us that more of our mid-large size customers want the benefits offered by these comprehensive solutions.

Phasing out Magento Professional will allow us to focus our efforts and investments on enhancing our Magento Enterprise and Enterprise Premium solutions, as well as on our Community project and our hosted solution, Magento Go.

There will be no immediate impact to current customers on Magento Professional. We will be working with our Professional customers individually to provide various options for continuing their eCommerce success with Magento.


What’s Next?

The Magento milestones keep coming, and the next several months will be filled with exciting news and announcements from our company and our ecosystem.

Many of these announcements will be made at the Imagine Conference. But plenty of additional news will be announced both before and after Imagine. Highlights include:

  • The launch of our Magento Certified Developer online directory, the easiest way to locate the world’s most qualified Magento developers
  • New releases across our product line
  • Integrations with exciting products from the X.commerce ecosystem
  • More growth, more customer success, more partnerships

We’re looking forward to working with our customers and partners on making 2012 a truly memorable year. Our thanks to the entire Magento community for your ongoing enthusiasm and support.

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