Increasing conversions on your Magento e-commerce site – turning a higher and higher percentage of visitors into buyers – is something of an art and a science. In fact, if you were to turn to Google, you could easily find dozens of books, seminars, and consultants who would be happy to spend hours and hours giving you some pointers.

Some of these are well worth the time and money, while others aren't. If you're looking for a quicker way to get more out of your e-commerce site, though, we can boil the process of increasing conversions down to a simple three-step process:

1. Get customers excited. As anyone who has ever worked in direct sales (that is, offering products to people face to face) can tell you, human beings are built to make buying decisions emotionally. Although the facts and statistics might be important, excitement about your product or idea is the first prerequisite to a sale. Remember that as you design your landing pages and product descriptions.

2. Show them the relevant facts and figures. Just because people get excited, however, doesn't mean that they will buy anything that catches their eye. What they want to know next is whether what you're selling is a good fit for their needs. Often, this comes down to questions of things like color, size, and shipping times. How can you help them make a buying decision at this point? By filling in any details they might need to know, like inventory status or available options.

3. Ease their fears. Once a customer is close to buying, the next thing they'll look for is evidence that your product can do what you say it can. That's where customer quotes and testimonials come into play. The more of these you have, within reason, the higher the percentage of visitors you can turn into customers is going to be. Showing that others have bought from you, and have been happy, in the past is a great way to encourage more sales now.

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