Magento is proud to announce AdRoll, one of the most widely-adopted retargeting platforms, as a Silver Industry Partner and a Silver sponsor of this year’s Imagine eCommerce conference.

AdRoll helps businesses of all sizes re-engage potential customers who’ve already expressed interest in a brand with precise display ads across the web and on Facebook with Facebook Exchange (FBX). With their LiquidAds dynamic ad product, AdRoll takes personalization to the next level - enabling advertisers to retarget visitors with ads featuring the exact products they were recently browsing and recommended products for that specific person. AdRoll makes sophisticated advertising technology that previously required extensive integration and large budgets easy-to-use and cost-effective.

AdRoll’s extension will allow Magento users to:

  • Easily create an AdRoll account, place the necessary SmartPixel on their site and set up conversion tracking to measure advertising success in minutes
  • Seamlessly import a site’s product information without the need for a feed or any integration work
  • Produce stunning LiquidAds with the products users last viewed with no extra technical legwork or financial commitment.

In the ever-changing world of ad tech, it’s become clear that retargeting is a critical part of a marketer’s toolkit and will only continue to grow in importance over the next few years.

Check out AdRoll's Integration on Magento Connect Today!


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