We’re happy to report that Magento Industry Partners are jumping on the Developer Certification bandwagon. Today’s profile focuses on Sweet Tooth, a partner that is an “early adopter” when it comes to having their developers earn Magento Developer Certification. Bill Curtis, Sweet Tooth’s Director of Platform and Engineering, sat down with us to talk about Sweet Tooth, Magento, and the importance of certification.

Magento: Let’s start with some history on Sweet Tooth. How did the business begin?

Sweet Tooth: We started out as a Magento custom development firm when Magento was still in beta. We were – and still are – impressed by the flexibility of Magento and the potential that it offered a developer such as us.

Since then, we’ve shifted away from custom development to focus on our product “Sweet Tooth.” We’ve done so well that we are now 100% devoted to development of Sweet Tooth.

What are the one or two key factors behind your success with Magento?

I’d say that there are two reasons why we’ve done so well with Magento: the community and our knowledge of Magento architecture.

We really believe in the Magento community, so we focus a lot of our resources on supporting our customers. The Magento community is so well connected that one happy customer often leads to three more. The response has been great.

We also invest a lot of resources into Magento training for our support and development staff. Being able to quickly diagnose issues means that we can decrease the time our customers are waiting for a support solution. And our developers have a better understand how Magento works, we have far less bugs that our support team will have to deal with later.

Altogether, we get a better customer experience and lower support & development costs by being properly trained on Magento.

Why did you decide to have your developers take the Magento Developer Certification exam?

We decided to have our developers take this exam because it gives us a way to validate their knowledge. We’ve always thought of ourselves as being good with Magento code, so when we first heard that there would be a Magento Developer Certification exam, we were excited to take it. We wanted to prove to ourselves, and others, that we were among the best.

How many Magento Certified Developers do you current have onboard? How will having these certified developers help your business?

We currently have two developers that are Magento Certified, but moving forwards we will require all our core development staff to be Magento Certified.

The Magento Developer Certification exam gives us a way to accurately test developers on the knowledge that they will need to use every day. For us, it is a great way to validate and distinguish the quality of our development skills.

What else would you like our readers to know about your company?

When we made the decision to focus solely on Sweet Tooth, rather than custom development, we had a Magento community forum group that consisted of merchants who were interested in a customer loyalty extension…so Sweet Tooth was developed using the great ideas and ambition of the Magento Community. We want to say a heartfelt “Thank You” to Magento and the whole Magento community for being so great!

To find out more about how Sweet Tooth can help you build a better eCommerce business with Magento, visit their listing page on our website.

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