The Imagine Challenge opened on January 17, 2013 and was met with a wave of outstanding submissions from Magento merchants and developers. 172 entries later we concluded the submission period and allowed our community to vote for the winners.

The entries truly showcase the art of commerce and the passion our community has for the Magento brand. Each unique innovation posted to the three categories (Site Design, Site Promotions and Customizations) was a real testament that the possibilities of the Magento platform are endless. These sites prove once again that our community is second to none!

The competition was so tight that voting came down to the final day and there was even a tie for best site promotion!

We are proud to announce the winners for the 2013 Imagine eCommerce Challenge.

The Imagine Challenge 2013 Grand Prize Winner: Jonas from SmartOSC

Taking home a free ticket to Imagine, two nights at the M Resort and Hotel, and a $500 Visa gift card was Jonas, an employee at SmartOSC, with his customization of Canadian wine store Alambika.



When Alambika, a brick-and-mortar, Canadian wine-store, wanted to put their products online, they picked Magento for it's rich feature-set and reliable inventory capabilities. They selected our extension X-POS for transforming Magento into a point-of-sale solution.

The POS solution is created on top of Magento to avoid having to sync products to an external system, ensuring that stock and products are always 100% up-to-date.

The solution gives Alambika the ability to complete sales on a single page interface, which also supports searching by barcodes, credit card swiping, and even off-line sale fulfillment.

This setup saves time in areas of their every-day work, such as maintaining an inventory and sales reporting. It also improved their brick-and-mortar POS activities without forcing them to invest in new hardware.

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Runners Up: Site Design & Site Promotion

The runners up, and winners of Imagine 2013 tickets, were:

Best Site Design

Giuseppe Filice


LEONE® 1947 Store

In March 1947 Orlando Leone established LEONE® and his passion for boxing led the company to become a market leader. LEONE® decided to use Magento for his first international e-commerce channel, relying on a team of specialists skilled with Magento.

Best Site Promotion

Steve Deckert of Sweet Tooth



Magento helps Theory11 and Sweet Tooth create a great community around their brand and they wanted to reward them their loyalty. They call their top customers “Elite Members” and allow them to earn points for repeat purchases, writing reviews, submitting videos, entering a weekly contest, or submitting content.

Best Site Promotion

Artyom Rabzonov of aheadWorks


User Story

Artyom illustrated of how a merchant can use a customer retention program to increase conversion by taking us through one shopper's experience, which included incentives, cross-selling, customer satisfaction and customer care.

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Thank you to the winners and everyone who participated in the Challenge. We look forward to seeing all of you at Imagine 2013!


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