image On their Magento site, BareBones WorkWear recently deployed Fanplayr’s Smart & Targeted extension and almost immediately saw increases in conversion rates and average order values (AOVs). In this spotlight, Barebones’ CIO Steve Wylie talks to us about his experience with Fanplayr, a Magento Gold Industry Partner.

Tell us about BareBones WorkWear

We’re a retailer that has provided useful apparel, footwear, and accessories for work, life, and outdoor for over 15 years. We have five retail stores in Northern California and a successful online store at

Why did you select Fanplayr’s Smart & Targeted Offers Platform?

BareBones pricing policy is a no-nonsense, every day discounted price. We don’t raise our prices, just to offer a discount. When we do offer purchase incentives, we want to make sure programs are well thought out, targeted at specific customers segments and that we maintain visibility and control over coupons collected and redeemed. Fanplayr gives us all this and more.

What has your Fanplayr deployment strategy been?

We first added Fanplayr’s tracking code to our site, and after three weeks we received a detailed report outlining detailed profiles of visitors’ behavior, for both those that converted and those that did not. We then set up campaigns targeted at profiles that would most likely be persuaded into purchasing through offers. We were also able to exclude segments that we felt did not need purchase incentives. We also added minimum purchase incentives at strategic points during the sales process.

Do you view Fanplayr’s Smart & Targeted as a strategic tool?

Absolutely. Unlike other discount campaigns, with Fanplayr we can pinpoint who and when to target, with complete visibility into the effectiveness. We can make real-time adjustments to live campaigns without disrupting traffic flow. Since launching Fanplayr’s Smart & Targeted platform, we’ve seen significant improvements to our conversion rates and average order values. We’re also pleased with Fanplayr’s performance-based pricing model where we pay only on successful purchase transactions. In a short period of time, Fanplayr has become an instrumental marketing tool for us.


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