More Attendees, More Sponsors, More Workshops, Added Value

Now in its seventh event, Bargento is not showing signs of slowing down. On May 29th, CNIT, the home of Bargento 2012, drew in over 1,000 attendees and 43 sponsors for the one-day event. The room was filled and was buzzing with excitement as Ulric Jerome, the Executive Director of Pixmania, kicked off the event with the first keynote presentation.

Bargento offered 10 different workshops, which gave the attendees the opportunity to learn new tips and tricks for Magento and eCommerce trends to help ensure their store‚Äôs success. Additionally, the attendees had the chance to meet with and speak to various eCommerce experts and enthusiasts, including representative from some of the top French Magento Enterprise retailers, like Hermès and Zadig & Voltaire.

French Magento Enterprise Users Join Forces

While excitement filled the general session, workshops, and exhibit hall, the launch of CUMEF at Bargento brought it to another a new level. Guillaume Poitrat from Hermès organized the first meeting, and introduced it to French retailers. CUMEF is a new association in France for Magento Enterprise users, which allows them to exchange their experiences and knowledge of Magento, and establish special relationships with Magento developers. The launch of CUMEF will not only be useful to French retailers, but will help grow and strengthen the Magento ecosystem as a whole.

Thank you to Philippe Humeau and his team for organizing another successful event!

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