iPAGARE and Moip launch the first express checkout extension for small Brazilian businesses.

Magento Silver Industry Partner, iPAGARE, has just released their iPAGARE Checkout extension, which allows small merchants to increase sales by reducing the checkout process to a single step when using the Brazilian payment gateway, Moip.

A complicated and inefficient checkout process is the primary reason for abandoned shopping carts on eCommerce sites. In fact, research from Moip, payment gateway solution for the Brazilian market, found that on average 30% of online sales are lost when the payment is redirected off of the merchant’s site. Simplifying the checkout process is the single most efficient way to improve online sales.

iPAGARE Checkout for Moip helps Brazilian Magento stores simplify their checkouts to a single step. With iPAGARE Checkout, the payment is processed inside the store, with no redirection to a third-party site. This is made possible by a new technology provided by Moip payment gateway.

“The most common complaint we receive from small businesses is the high rate of abandoned shopping carts due to the confusing checkout process,” says Flávio Maciel, Marketing Director of iPAGARE. “Moip is one of the most important payment gateways for small businesses in Brazil and was the first in its segment to make online payments possible without redirecting the user outside the store. Together, iPAGARE and Moip launched the first express checkout extension for small Brazilian businesses.”

iPAGARE is a Magento Silver Industry Partner from Brazil and an expert in checkouts and online payments for Magento.

Check out the new extension now available in Magento Connect.

Visit iPAGARE’s website for more information:

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