If you need your Magento store to be brown, here is a list of brown Magento templates which you can use to build a new eCommerce site or update the one you have now. We strive to provide you with a wide choice of designs. So we made sure to include Magento templates from different companies such as TemplateMonster, emThemes, MagikCommerce, Algozone and Mage-World.

As shown in the following Magento templates the color brown is often used for backgrounds, but sometimes it dominates the whole page. Now let’s understand what this color means.

Brown is a warm neutral color that makes us feel cozy, safe and relaxing. It is associated with all things natural and organic. Also, the color brown has the power to calm the mind and create a feeling of stability, reliability, and wholesomeness. And if that’s what you want your Magento site to be, then we hope you will find a perfect template here.

Please keep in mind, the last Magento template on the list is available free of charge!

Magento Template #1


Magento Template #2


Magento Template #3

Magento Template #4

Magento Template #5

Magento Template #6

Magento Template #7

Magento Template #8 (Free!)


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