Take your Magento development skills to the next level with a new training course for advanced Magento developers: Magento Checkout - Part I: Shopping Cart and Price Calculations!

The checkout process in Magento is customized in most projects and those customization's are often complex and critical to the business. A high level of knowledge is crucial; knowing how to avoid pitfalls, efficiently debug and address common performance issues can save time during an implementation.

We are excited to announce the availability of our first course specifically designed for the experienced Magento developer: Magento Checkout. It is a six-part series designed to give the experienced Magento developer an in-depth understanding of the architecture of Magento checkout!

Available Now:

Magento Checkout - Part I: Shopping Cart and Price Calculations (First class Sept 5 – Pre-register now!)

Experienced Magento developers will learn how to make customizations related to the “Add-to-Cart” functionality and the process of calculating the prices of items in the Shopping Cart. After Part 1, students will be able to:

  • Identify and describe key elements of Magento Shopping Cart architecture
  • Customize/extend the process of adding products to the Cart
  • Use “Quote”, “Quote Item”, and “Quote Address” operations for creating new extensions and customizations
  • Identify and describe the “Total Models” schema in Magento
  • Use the “Total Models” architecture for extending/customizing the price calculation in the Magento Shopping Cart

Part 1 is delivered with a live instructor through our online training center and is 15 hours (12 hours of instruction and 3 hours of in-class coding exercises)! This allows you to immediately practice what you have learned under the guidance of the instructor.

The first class is scheduled for September 5, 7, 10 & 12, 2012 from 8am to 12pm Pacific Time and we are now taking early registration! This class will fill up register now to secure your spot!

Additional parts in the series coming soon:

  • Part II: OnePage Checkout (On-Demand Format)
  • Part III: Shipping
  • Part IV: Payment
  • Part V: Order Placement
  • Part VI: Taxes and Discounts

For a complete course description, list of pre-requisites, and course outline go to: Magento U Course Description: Magento Checkout


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