Classy Llama Studios is a Gold-level Magento Solution Partner that already has 9 Magento Certified Developers on staff. Erik Hansen, COO of Classy Llama, recently took a few minutes to speak with us about the company’s philosophy and their commitment to developer certification.

Magento: Tell us a little about your business, including how and why you became involved with Magento.

Classy Llama: Classy Llama Studios is a full-service eCommerce firm specializing in eCommerce strategy, marketing, creative, and development, all centered on the Magento Enterprise platform. We’ve worked with brands like gl?, Finis, Planet Blue, Equal Exchange, Jack Rogers, Speck, and NF Jewelry.

We worked with a number of platforms prior to Magento, but when Magento was released back in March of 2008, we knew it would become the gold standard for eCommerce. We immediately began investing in the Magento ecosystem, and launched one of the first Magento eCommerce sites. Since then, we’ve helped over 70 eCommerce companies achieve success on the Magento platform.

Magento: What are the one or two key factors behind your success with Magento?

Classy Llama: Because Magento wasn’t built to be a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather was built as a foundation upon which eCommerce sites can be built, we’ve been able to extensively customize Magento to our clients’ unique business, marketing, and functionality needs. We’ve built social integrations, marketing tools, ERP connectors, and countless other customizations that you wouldn’t dream of building in twice the time on any other platform.

Magento Enterprise’s robust native functionality combined with a massive marketplace of thousands of extensions has allowed us to focus on making our clients successful by implementing unique functionality and by effectively guiding their strategic and marketing efforts.

Magento: Why did you decide to have your developers take the Magento Developer Certification exam?

Classy Llama: We strongly supported and promoted the development of a certification program because we wanted companies to feel confident of their decision when selecting an eCommerce firm or developer.

We wanted our developers to take the certification so that our clients would be confident that they are working with a team of highly-skilled developers who create solutions they can count on to work as expected, without hiccups. It’s one thing to have a great vision; it’s another thing entirely to implement it. Magento Certification provides confidence in the implementation of the vision.

Magento: How many Magento Certified Developers do you current have onboard? How will having these certified developers help your business?

Classy Llama: We currently have 9 Magento Certified Developers on our team, including 7 at the “Developer Plus” level. To our knowledge, this is the highest number of certified developers in any Magento firm in the world. We plan to expand that number so that all developers on our team become certified. As an agency, a core aspect of winning new business is earning trust. And Magento certification goes a long way toward earning that trust in our ability to deliver.

Magento: What additional information would you like our readers to know?

Classy Llama: Classy Llama has built eCommerce sites for B2B and B2C companies in a vast array of industries including: apparel/high-fashion, digital goods, art, electronics, automotive, and digital products. We want to engage with our clients to help make them successful, not only during the initial planning, design, and development of a new site, but also in an engaged ongoing relationship.

We’ve spoken at a number of Magento conferences, helped write a Magento book, have created several Magento development tools, and have an advanced eCommerce methodology and philosophy with which we approach our client’s businesses. If you’re going to be at the Imagine Conference this April, stop by our Gold Sponsor booth – we’d love to meet you.

To find out more about how Classy Llama can help you build a better eCommerce business with Magento, visit their listing page on our website.

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