30 Developers, 6 Extensions, 2 Days, 1 eCommerce Platform

Last week 30 Magento employees, developers and partners gathered for a two-day hackathon in Munich, Germany. Like many of our community members, these attendees were eager further their Magento knowledge as well as show off their skills. This hackathon enabled them to do both, combing expert lectures with a team-based competition to create a Magento extension.

Attendees were divided into 6 teams and given 2 days to build their extensions. The teams coded deep into the night, and produced some impressive results.

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6 Extensions

GridControl – provides functionality to control grids in Magento using XML layouts.

Discount For a Tweet – Enables merchants to reward their customers with discounts for tweeting about their stores.

TemplateCleanup – This administrative tool helps merchants easily search for and remove unused templates inside their Magento administrative control panels.

Magento-Responsive-Theme - This innovative theme automatically adjusts the store’s layout based on the screen resolution of the customer’s device.

Logger – This centralized logging tool combines various log inputs from e-mail, XAMPP, and Graylog.

MongoDB-OrderTransactions – This extension writes transaction data to a MongoDB database during the checkout process.

Congratulations to Damian Luszczymak who organized and hosted the event. Congratulations also to all teams and participants for the hard work and fantastic results. Their efforts show that with the skills and passion of Magento developers combined with the flexibility of Magento, anything is possible.

Go Go Magento!

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