Most business owners say they’re fueled by belief in their products, but eChristian cofounders Todd Hoyt and Cory Verner give it a whole new meaning. The two entrepreneurs started the company in 2005 to sell Christian audio content online. Since then, they’ve expanded into eBooks, podcasts, apps, and more.

With its rapidly expanding number of digital titles, eChristian recently encountered an unusual problem. On one hand, the company wanted to make sure that customers could easily watch, read, and listen to its content on all the newest platforms, including eReaders, smart phones, computers, and iPods. On the other hand, eChristian was concerned about protecting publishers from the increased risk of piracy that comes from expanded availability.

eChristian approached Magento Solution Partner Classy Llama for help. Using Magento Enterprise, Classy Llama created a solution that overcame the restrictive problems with traditional Digital Rights Management (DRM). What they came up with was something they call “DRM-lite.”

By watermarking personal information on the content users download, “DRM-lite” protects publishers from piracy while giving customers complete freedom to view content the way they want.

At the same time, Classy Llama made improvements to site administration and changed processes that improve efficiency by 50%. And within a year of the site running on Magento Enterprise, eChristian’s customer base doubled.

You can bet that eChristian will be faithful to Magento for years to come!

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