image officially ended two weeks ago, but the buzz surrounding the eBay Inc. booth is ongoing. With five eBay companies--Magento, PayPal, eBay Marketplaces, GSI, and the same booth, it became the place for merchants, prospects and partners to gather to watch demos from each property, and learn about how we can help grow their businesses.

Magento Mania

Magento Mania only added to the energy surrounding Magento at With the chance to win up to $6,000 in prizes from our participating partners, attendees were eager to visit the partner booths and enter for their chance to win!

Thank you to all the partners who participated in Magento Mania and congratulations to all of the winners!

Check out the Day 2 winners below:

Day 2 Winners

Sue Palumbo

Sue Ghilarducci

Paul Schiff

Denton Crofts

Jamie Lakari

Jason Puso

Scott Ekman

Jay Greenburg

Sharon Leighton

Elizabeth Bondonaro

Dan Bockr

Victor Dragon

image image image

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