Family-owned business E.C. Kraus has been providing supplies for making beer and wine at home since 1966. Recently the company asked Magento Solution Partner Groove Commerce to create an eCommerce store that would cater to the different needs of their two main customer groups – wine makers and beer brewers.

Using the Magento Enterprise platform, Groove Commerce built a dynamic site that gives all of E.C. Kraus’ customers exactly what they want. Wine lovers can now easily find the perfect testing equipment for crafting their ideal blend. Beer aficionados can pinpoint specialty grains for the perfect brew. And every customer gets one-click shopping, decreased load times, and better overall site performance.

Not only are customers happier; so is the staff. The new site gives E.C. Kraus employees the flexibility needed to provide the best possible service, with features like advanced contact management and the ability to add a free gift to every order.

Happy shoppers, happy employees, happy merchant…we’ll drink to that!

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