Magento’s Expert Consulting Group (ECG) is teaming up with New Relic to offer a new service to help prepare Magento Enterprise Edition-powered stores for the Holidays.

By now, most businesses know that it’s absolutely essential to keep Holiday shoppers happy. If a site isn’t fast enough, or, worse, if it fails during important sales events, they’ll not only lose the sale, they might lose the customer. The problem is that many businesses are too busy doing business to really dig into their site optimization and strategize for the Holidays, and that’s where the Holiday Health Check service comes in.

With New Relic, ECG delves into important functions of your site, including:

  1. Site speeds, especially page load and application response
  2. Load balancing and the capacity of machines
  3. Background processes that can be adjusted or postponed
  4. Bugs that need to be fixed

ECG provides their expert interpretation of the New Relic reports and offers strategies for addressing issues and optimizing for performance that are tailored to Magento Enterprise Edition implementations. The Holiday Health Check is a great service for businesses who don’t have in-house resources for site optimization, or who simply want the advice of Magento experts.

To find out more, , but don’t wait. Starting your Holiday preparations now is key to building a well-executed shopping experience—that helps you keep your customers—during and after the Holiday rush.


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