image User experience (UX) is the overall emotional feeling a user gets after interacting with a product or website. It’s also an important factor in turning browsers into buyers. Give online shoppers a convenient, intuitive, enjoyable experience, the collective wisdom goes, and they’re more likely to buy.

So how can you optimize the UX for your customers? Here are four tips from Magento design experts Something Digital:

1) Let shoppers browse their way – Create an intuitive navigation structure and add breadcrumbs so shoppers can navigate back to main pages. Include comprehensive search tools, with multiple ways to filter and sort; incorporate options for viewing product results.

2) Give products the spotlight – Provide shoppers with multiple views of each product; include as much detail about each product as possible (size, material, weight, etc.); show related products, up-sells, and cross-sells on the same page; enable wish lists, sharing, and notifications; display product reviews and ratings.

3) Highlight “calls to action” – Add primary and secondary action items (examples: sign up now, shop now, enter now) to the homepage; include at least one call to action on every page (examples: add to wishlist, read reviews); use active language to describe the action and differentiate between primary and secondary action items using caps and bold fonts.

4) Streamline the checkout process – Make the shopping cart clearly accessible from every page; show all fees in shopping cart (shipping plus estimated tax, for example); allow customers to buy without creating an account; make checkout a single page, with fewer forms for fastest completion.

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