Looking for a decanter with a decidedly modern look? Or perhaps a bottle opener that’s both efficient and a conversation starter? Then WMF has a site for you.

WMF has been selling distinctive housewares for more than 150 years. Known for the design quality and utility of their cookware, glassware, coffee makers, and other products for the home and the hospitality industry, WMF has become a truly international brand.

Not surprisingly, WMF required a truly international eCommerce site. Working with Gold Solution Partner TechDivision, WMF was able to take full advantage of Magento Enterprise’s features and flexibility to put together just such a site.

It was no simple task, and involved a large number of integrations with third-party systems as well as the ability to seamlessly handle multiple languages, currencies, and shipping regulations. But Magento proved to be a perfect match for their needs, handling everything from customer loyalty and affiliate marketing programs to search engine optimization and the latest shopping cart and checkout capabilities.

Even more impressive perhaps is how well the new site matches the WMF brand, with its state-of-the-art design and functionality, intuitive navigation, and skillful use of images and video. It’s a decidedly fun way to spend one’s time shopping.

And the site’s success has WMF eyeing further expansion in the near future, with the confidence that Magento Enterprise’s scalability will support them in whatever direction they wish to go.

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