Magento Solution Partners often play a pivotal role in helping merchants deploy great Magento sites. These companies pride themselves in being the go-to experts on Magento implementations. So it’s no surprise that some of our most forward-thinking Solution Partners have rushed to have their developers take the Magento Developer Certification exam.

Among the partners who are leading the way in terms of having their developers certified is Gorilla Commerce, a Chicago-based agency that already has 4 Magento Certified Developers on staff (including 2 developers certified at the “Developer Plus” level). We sat down with Justin Finnegan, COO of Gorilla, to talk about their business and the importance of Magento Developer Certification.

Magento: Justin, tell us a little about your company and why you get involved with Magento.

Gorilla: Gorilla is an award-winning full-service eCommerce solution provider, offering website design, development, digital strategy and post-launch support to web-only merchants, brand manufacturers and multi-channel retailers. We embraced Magento when it first came to market, because we saw it as an accessible enterprise-class eCommerce solution that is relevant to businesses across a range of sizes and industries.

Magento: What do you see as the keys to your success with Magento?

Gorilla: Once we became a Magento Solution Partner, we put resources in place to fully support that commitment. We created a dedicated Magento Practice that’s aligned along functional areas to oversee every phase of a Magento site build and deployment, including Project Management, Website Design, Frontend and Backend Development, QA, and, more recently, post-launch website support services.

Another factor behind our success is the fact that all of our Magento deployments are handled in-house by full-time Gorilla staff. By not sub-contracting, outsourcing or offshoring our client’s work, we are better able to manage and mitigate project risk and respond rapidly to changing project demands.

Magento: Why did you decide to have your developers take the Magento Developer Certification exam?

Gorilla: When the Magento Developer Certification was launched, we knew immediately that Gorilla would be an active participant in the program. We’ve amassed a wealth of Magento-specific knowledge in our years of working with the platform, and the Magento Developer Certification program is a great way for our developers to establish their Magento expertise in a manner that is both qualitative and quantitative.

Magento: How many Magento Certified Developers do you currently have onboard? How will having these certified developers help your business?

Gorilla: As of today, we have 4 Magento Certified Developers on staff; our goal is to have every Magento developer on staff become certified, so this number will grow in the weeks and months ahead. We feel this will help our business in a number of ways, including:

  • Demonstrating to clients and prospects our unquestioned expertise in working with Magento
  • Underscoring our long-term commitment to the Magento platform, and
  • Attracting additional talented Magento developers to the Gorilla team

Magento: What else would you like our readers to know about Gorilla?

Gorilla: Partnering with Magento has allowed us to work with a variety of great clients and has gone a long way to establishing our expertise in specific areas of ecommerce, including apparel, B2B, luxury and outdoor brand manufacturers. This includes working with great brands like Behr, Movado, Outdoor Research, Frette, Bonobos, Medline Industries, J.C. Penney, Newell Rubbermaid and PrAna, to name a few.

Finally, we’re looking forward to serving as a sponsor of the Imagine Conference this April in Las Vegas.

For more information about Gorilla, visit their page on our Solution Partner portal. For information on how to become a Magento Certified Developer, visit our certification page.

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