From integrating the front and back-end systems for seamless operations to creating customized features that are unique to your store, Magento and i95Dev have created a partnership that is sure to help your store go above and beyond your greatest expectations.

i95Dev is a full service eCommerce company to help you build an online store from scratch or increase the effectiveness of a store that already exists.

The experts at i95Dev allow Magento merchants to receive customized development of their Magento store. The dedicated designers and developers of i95Dev will create a store that fits the exact needs of your business.

i95Dev offers clients an amazing array of over 70 different extensions. Two of the most popular extensions include
GP Connect (ERP) and RMS Connect (POS). Additionally, i95Dev will customize Magento extensions to help make your store more user-friendly and improve customer loyalty. With i95Dev and Magento your store will stand apart from the competition.

For more information about how i95Dev can help your company reach the next level, attend their webinar on Sept 12th to learn how to integrate your Magento store and ERP systems in real-time.


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