SOLD OUT! Priority Waiting list Now Open. Working on adding more space.

As we expected (and warned), we have sold out of registrations. In fact, we held registration open beyond our original sell out target capacity as we believe we will be able to adjust the venue and flow to accommodate more attendees. In the next week or so we will better know the amount of added capacity the venue adjustments will allow, as well as we will have a better handle on utilization of sponsor reserved tickets.

Sign up on the waiting list now as we will be releasing more tickets daily as we get more information on the above.

Below are actually three ways – you maybe able to obtain a registration to Imagine:

1. Sign Up Now to our Priority Waiting List

Sure, as Tom Petty once sang, “the waiting is the hardest part,” but we assure you that we’re currently working hard to accommodate more capacity at this venue (already over 1,000) and expect to release tickets to the waiting list in the next few weeks.

So don’t miss out! Click Register Now to add your name to the waiting list and watch for an email releasing space to you!

2. Enter the Imagine Challenge and Win a Free Trip to Imagine

Upload a photo or a 60-second video that conveys either your PASSION for Magento OR the SUCCESS you’ve experienced since teaming up with Magento. Feeling especially creative? Submit one or more entries in both categories. Make us laugh. Make us cry. And don’t hold back. The person whose submission receives the most votes will win a trip to Imagine 2012! Click here for contest details and submission guidelines, and be sure to upload your entries by 5 p.m. on March 23rd.

3. Check Out eBay

We will be auctioning off a few tickets on eBay as Imagine approaches.  Keep your eye out for your chance to bid on and purchase your ticket to Imagine.

Let’s revisit your options: Sign up now for our Priority Waiting List; Enter our Challenge; OR Find it on eBay

Do you want to learn from the best and brightest leaders in eCommerce? Connect with professionals from around the world? Be the first to know what’s next from Magento? Then don’t take “No” for an answer! Well, at least not yet. Make your move to secure a coveted spot at Imagine 2012 today.

Bob Schwartz

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