Magento U's On-Demand course "Fundamentals of Magento Development" is a great way to learn development and implementation best-practices on your own schedule. But should you also take the instructor-led version? Absolutely! But…why? What are the benefits of taking the course in person?

To answer that question, we went out and spoke to to some Magento U graduates. Adam Ring, Technical Project Manager at Temple & Webster says, “The Magento U Fundamentals instructor-led course was ideal for Temple & Webster because it allowed us to interact directly with an expert Magento Evangelist. They were able to answer our most complex Magento questions. The Fundamentals course is appropriately in-depth which has helped us enormously by providing us with much greater context to our understanding of the Magento platform. Highly recommended for those serious about the getting the best out of Magento.”

Ben Marks, an experienced Magento U instructor, also gave us his perspective in this new video–check it out!

For more information on Magento U and our upcoming courses, check out the Magento U site.


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