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Overview: What's "new" about the New Magento Connect?

Extensions Now Available for
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How the New Magento Connect will help the various groups within our community:



Magento Go Merchants

Tap into the full power of Magento with extensions

For the first time, merchants using Magento Go - the Software as a Service solution for small and emerging businesses - can access extensions that enhance their stores.

Merchants like you choose Magento go because you want the versatility and flexibility of the Magento platform without the need to host your own site or work with code. In other words, you want the flexibility, simplicity, and confidence provided by Magento in the cloud.

The New Magento Connect delivers on these key benefits:

  • Flexibility: Magento extensions enable merchants to cuztomize and enhance every area of your store - front and back end, integrations with other web services, marketing tools, themes and more.
  • Simplicity: The New Magento Connect enables merchants to purchase and activate many of these extensions with just a few clicks.
  • Confidence: "Trusted Extensions" let you know that Magento has reviewed the extension and found that it meets or exceeds specifications for security and performance, and that the extension comes from a trusted developer who has agreed to provide regular updates and technical support for the extension.


Magento Enterprise, Professional and Community Users

Now it's easier to find, evaluate and deploy the extensions you need.

We've redesigned Magento Connect with your needs (and input) in mind. Now it's easier to find, evaluate, purchase and deploy the best extensions to meet your needs.

  • Improved Browsing and Search: We've improved the site organization and search functionality, so you can find exactly what you're looking for more efficiently than ever.
  • Enhanced Listings: Extension listings are more detailed, with room for screencast videos, reviews and more, so you can be sure if an extension is right for your store before you buy.
  • Coming Soon - Trusted Extensions: While Trusted Extensions are initially available only for Magento Go, we'll be working with developers to qualify the best extensions for "Trusted" status across our other solutions in the months ahead.


Magento Developers

New functionality and features to help you boost extension sales.

With Magento Connect's new functionality and improved features, you'll have more ways to connect with merchants and build your sales of your extensions.

  • Offer extensions to Magento Go merchants: The New Magento Connect enables you to offer extensions to the rapidly-growing merchant base using Magento Go, the cloud-based eCommerce solution from Magento.
  • Market your extensions more effectively: Magento Connect's new marketing tools make it easier to set yourself apart from the competition, with enhanced listings and more opportunity to feature your extensions across different pages of the site.
  • Submit your extension for "Magento Trusted Extension" status: Have your extensions reviewed and offer added confidence to potential customers.
  • Build once, deploy many: Create your extension and make it available across all of Magento's solutions.


Developers Who Aren't Working With Magento... Yet

It's time to "connect" with the growth of Magento.

We've made it easier to become part of the Magento revolution.

You've heard stories about developers around the world who have built successful businesses by creating and selling extensions for Magento; now it's easier for you to create your own success story.

More than a 1,000 Magento stores come online every day. These include eCommerce newcomers signing up with Magento Go, world-class retailers moving their stores to Magento Enterprise, and every type and size of merchant in between. What they all have in common is the desire to create a store that meets their specific marketing, merchandising and operational needs.

These merchants turn to Magento Connect to find extensions they need. Over 4800 extensions are available, and these extensions have been downloaded more than 4 million times from Magento Connect, generating $100 million in annual revenue for developers.

Magento Connect is the most visited page on the Magento website; it's also the largest eCommerce application marketplace in the world.

With Magento, you can develop extensions that customize, extend, or replace core functionality within the merchant store on premise and in the cloud. You can create enhancements for the front-end or back-end of a store. You can create integrations with other web services... and much, much more.

And once you've created the extension, you can market it to a growing universe of merchants via the New Magento Connect.

As you see, no matter where you sit within the Magento ecosystem, the new Magento Connect with help you "connect" with the resources you need to succeed. Come visit our marketplace today!

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