With the Magento 2.0 project going live on GitHub, the developer community has actively started participating and contributing to the next generation of the Magento platform. Over thirty Magento 2 commits have already been published to the GitHub repository, and the core development teams are busy evaluating the many requests received to the Magento 2 project.

As our developers help shape the future of the platform, a few key members from the Magento 2 development team have made themselves available to talk to the Magento Developer Community. Join us on Wednesday, October 31st, as they host a live chat session for developers, who are active contributors to the Magento 2 project and those who would like to be.

As a bonus, anyone who participates in this interactive webinar will be eligible for the developer certification exam voucher drawing. We will randomly pick 5 winners from those who ask a question during the session. Each exam is worth $260!

Register Now for this special occasion and spend an hour with our Magento 2 development team.

We would also like to take this opportunity to recognize our community, who has spent the last four years learning Magento and eCommerce with us and provided us with a steady flow of great input and suggestions.

Kudos to one recent contribution in particular:

Contribution #81


Contributing Developer:

Matias Montes
Site: semexpert.com.ar
Follow Matias on Twitter @_barbazul

Matías, CTO of SemExpert, was intuitive enough to point out redundant and unnecessary tags that could be found throughout current default themes’ layout pages. With his proposal, Magento 2 development team was able to recognize and correct these issues where applicable.

Positive effects of this contribution include:

  • Ease the process of changing the root layout via local.xml
  • Communication around the community of the need to allow more flexibility on theming, not previously visible to internal Magento developers.

Matias’ input allowed the Magento 2 development team to approve and adopt a convention to refrain from irreversible customizations in the source code, so that 3rd-party customizations will have greater flexibility.

Thanks, as always, to all contributors who have taken the time to share their great suggestions, listed bugs and submitted code to help us improve the Magento 2 core product for all Magento users. We appreciate your time and look forward to more great discussions and contributions.

We will see you on GitHub and look forward hearing from you at our online developer chat session October 31st.

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