KAISER + KRAFT has been Europe’s preeminent office, workshop and warehouse equipment supplier for years. But when the company set its sights on Asia, it needed a whole new kind of eCommerce solution.

KAISER + KRAFT chose Magento Partner BysoftChina to develop and support its online presence in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Japan. Three different markets. Three different cultures.

The development firm created an individual site for each separate location and tied them all into a main product catalog server. By allowing each individual site to pull information from one central spot, KAISER + KRAFT avoided the problem of overly taxing bandwidth. At the same time, each site spoke directly to the unique preferences of each market, while still matching the look and feel of the company’s popular print catalogues.

And because developers only had to write code once, all of the sites were up and running in less than six months.

As customers flock to the new sites, Kaiser + Kraft is thrilled to have kicked off a bright new future for all of their online stores!

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