Pre-event activities for the 2012 Imagine eCommerce conference have officially begun in sunny Las Vegas! Excitement is in the air as 1,300 attendees are mingling, meeting up with their friends and colleagues while soaking it all in. From Spain to Vietnam to Latvia, we have friends coming from all over the world, from 45 countries. The conference hotel, the M Resort, has been taken over and occupied by all things orange; it's now internally known as the "Magento Resort." Partners, developers and merchants together at last - it's like a big family reunion!

You can feel the excitement – from the staff working on the keynote prep, to the people walking around the hotel, or lounging and chatting by the pool and even Bob Schwartz, who has declared himself the concierge of the event, is working hard on his Elvis presentation.

So stay tuned and glued into all things Imagine! You can check us out on the Imagine eCommerce Conference Blog, and on Twitter by following @magentoimagine and hashtag #magentoimagine. You can also see live pictures of the event, generated in real-time by our attendees, at………..

It's such a great feeling to be here, and It's gonna be fun AND memorable!!

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