Lax World is a company that sells gear and goods to lacrosse devotees nationwide. Originally a successful chain of brick-and-mortar stores, Lax World expanded into eCommerce a few years ago, with strong initial results.

In fact, it became clear to Lax World that their existing platform couldn’t keep up with their growth. That’s when their Solution Partner, Groove Commerce, recommended Magento Enterprise as the perfect platform for building a new online store that would reach the entire range of lacrosse enthusiasts.

Lax World was committed to delivering a unique shopping experience to each major customer segment. Groove Commerce embraced this challenge: taking advantage of Magento Enterprise’s flexibility, they built a site that presents different product options, recommendations, and branding based on player position, gender, and even purchasing power.

Now Lax World has a site that makes it easy for every lacrosse fan, athlete, or supporter to find (and buy) just what they’re looking for: since launching the new site, Lax World has experienced a 15% increase in sales and a 20% lift in average order value for first time users. That’s a winning game plan in any sport!

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