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X.Commerce pulled out all the stops in making Innovate 2011 a world class event. From the ballrooms turned arena-esk breakout speaker stages, to the three-story “X “draped on the main conference window at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Today would be the day commerce harmony was born.

The first open ecommerce ecosystem

As always holds true with innovation, technology is the future. The X.commerce fabric will be an environment that will allow ground-breaking technology to work together. Technologies like Adobe analytics and Facebook open graph can be woven in through the fabric and integrated with Magento. Through the fabric stores can push their products to eBay and other marketplaces to bring their merchandise to a worldwide market of millions of consumers.

Magento Connect is a simple and effective extension store.

With Magento at the center of, Roy Rubin demonstrated a new, rejuvenated Magento Connect, where extensions can be purchased and directly integrated into Magento Go stores. Merchants will now have the flexibility to customize their stores using extensions. They are given simplicity with the user-friendly store interface that can activate extensions in just a few clicks. And with the new Trusted Certification emblem attached to Magento certified extensions, merchants are given a resilient confidence.

With a new interface poised to provide developers with plenty of work, they hit the ground running by taking the beta certification exam to become officially affiliated with Magento.

With all of these unified technologies merchants can make shopping easy.

The future is starting today, with a community that works with customers instead of against them, even giving customers their own commerce identity. We have grown accustomed to Google and Facebook providing us with our personal and social identities; today Paypal unveiled Access, a commerce identity where one login takes you from browsing to the end of your purchase with Paypal. No longer will shoppers have to create a separate account with every merchant.

To combine online and offline shopping the new “Local” eBay feature will allow customers to locate and purchase the products they want online, for them to pick up from local stores.

Toms one-for-one business model

To conclude the day, Blake Mycoskie of Tom's shoes explained his remarkable story of giving. The charitable shoe company founder broke down his one-for-one business model and why ecommerce was instrumental in achieving his dream of providing shoes to children around the world. By the end, after many laughs, the crowd rose to there feet in applause.

Today was only the first day and already the conference has paved a new and bright future for the world of eCommerce and its ecosystem.

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