Founded in 1861, Germany’s Ludwig Beck began as a button and ribbon maker and grew into one of Europe’s most famous department stores known as a “shopping paradise that satisfies the heart’s desires of local residents, visitors from the region and from all over the world.” They launched their web store in 2012 to make their fine beauty products accessible to an even broader audience.

Ludwig Beck’s main priority for their web store was to expand their reach beyond their Munich brick-and-mortar store, while offering the same luxurious experience. They wanted an elegant product display that could handle high traffic and a catalog of 7,500 products, high-end service features, and responsive design so customers could shop on any device.


“Many clients found it a pity, that they couldn´t buy our products from the comfort of their own home,” says Fabian Goehler, CEO of German luxury department store Ludwig Beck subsidiary GmbH. So Ludwig Beck turned to Magento Solution Partner mzentrale and with their help built the online shop in only nine months with Magento Enterprise Edition. Not only did they get the merchandising and site performance features they were looking for, they also got a responsive design, so they didn’t need to pay for an expensive shopping app.

Since the launch, Ludwig Beck has seen the increase in business and brand awareness they were looking for, as well as an increase in male shoppers, a segment that doesn’t typically shop their beauty counter. They’re also very excited about the reception of their responsive design, and reported higher than average shopping from tablets and other mobile devices.

“We are large enough to play with the big ones but small enough to be different,” says Goehler about the online creation of Ludwig Beck. “We offer our clients a service level that is hard to beat, even by large providers.”

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