Picture this: 500 PHP developers coming together in Kiev, Ukraine, buzzing about the latest development opportunities in the world of Magento.

That’s a snapshot of MageConf 2011, a developer event sponsored and led by Magento. Developers from throughout Ukraine – as well as from Russia, Belarus, Germany and Poland – gathered in Kiev this past Saturday, December 3, for the third annual MageConf. While the event was well attended by Magento developers, much of the audience consisted of PHP developers interested in learning more about Magento.

The attendees were treated to a variety of insightful presentations, including a standing-room-only keynote speech on Magento 2. As always, Magento swag was in huge demand (the line for Magento T-shirts seemed endless). And a Magento recruiter received hundreds of applications from developers interested in joining our industry-leading technology team.

All in all, another record-setting Magento event!

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