Patch Needed to Address USPS Shipping Option Name Changes

On Sunday, July 28, the United States Postal Service rolled out changes to their API that impact Priority and Express mail shipping options. USPS is changing the name of these two shipping methods and their Webtools API was updated to match those changes.

To continue utilizing USPS Priority AND Express mail methods, merchants on Magento solutions must install the patches we’ve created to address the issue, and we have included patches for all versions of Magento Community Edition and installation instructions in this post.

For more information, download the official statement from USPS.

Click here for Magento Enterprise Edition patches.

Patch Installation Instructions

Please upload the patch into your Magento root directory and run the appropriate SSH command:

For patch files with the file extension .sh:


Example: sh

For patch files with the file extension .patch:

patch –p0 < patch_file_name.patch

Once that is done, refresh the cache in the Admin under "System > Cache Management" so that the changes will be reflected. We highly recommend you test this patch in a test environment before taking it live.

Patches for Magento Community Edition

Versions before 1.7 require applying an upgrade of shipping methods patch first (if you have not already installed it). Please use the table below to find and download the correct patches for your version.

Target Magento Release Upgrade of Shipping Methods Patch (if not previously applied) USPS API Upgrade Patch
Magento Community Edition 1.7.x Not Required
Magento Community Edition MAGEBP-706_CE_1.6.2.0_v4.patch
Magento Community Edition MAGEBP-706_CE_1.6.1.0_v4.patch
Magento Community Edition MAGEBP-706_CE_1.6.0.0_v4.patch
Magento Community Edition MAGEBP-706_CE_1.5.1.0_v4.patch
Magento Community Edition MAGEBP-706_CE_1.5.0.1_v4.patch
Magento Community Edition 1.4.x MAGEBP-706_CE_1.4.2.0_v4.patch

Please note that the Shipping Methods patch contains several other improvements to the shipping methods. Please make sure to backup the system before applying, test extensively and make sure your custom extensions and third-party modules still work after this change.


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