While the Magento 2 development teams have been busy churning away on the Magento 2 project; the developer community has been complimenting their work with great suggestions and contributions on Magento 2’s GitHub repository.

The latest code changes were published yesterday on GitHub. A few of the key updates to the commit were:

  • Continuing refactoring Magento 2 to use jQuery instead of Prototype.
  • Added JavaScript static tests and improved JavaScript unit tests to be consistent with the other test frameworks in Magento.
  • Implemented fixture of 100k orders for the performance test.

Having said that, we would like to take this opportunity and acknowledge two recent contributions.

Contribution #49


Contributing Developer:

Ivan Chepurnyi
Site: ecomdev.com
Follow Ivan on Twitter @IvanChepurnyi

Ivan proposed a fix for the order of totals collectors (an issue with the sorting algorithm). This contribution was valuable, as it fixed a rarely-occurring bug that developers were required to correct, when developing their own totals collector.

This fix brought to light a few issues:

  • A bug previously not visible to the Magento’s internal development team and QA.
  • The reproductive elements of the bug.

Identifying this bug, and solution, provided our team with an understanding of the issue. Ivan went a step further and provided an actual code patch, and beforehand, had implemented proper testing.

Contribution #41 (based on Contribution #7)


Contributing Developers:

Matthias Zeis
Site: matthias-zeis.com
Follow Matthias on Twitter @mzeis

Vinai Kopp
Follow Vinai on Twitter @VinaiKopp

Matthias’ initial proposal suggested the ability to define the different Magento configurations for different environments in the local.xml file. This valuable contribution improved the convenience of Magento instance management for system administrators and developers (less time needed, less mistakes made).

Positive effects of this contribution include:

  • It revealed the need by community for these types of configuration, not previously visible to internal Magento developers.
  • It began a discussion among community members about refining and submitting eventual code.

Thanks to all contributors who have made time for sharing their great suggestions, listing bugs and submitting code to help us improve the Magento 2 core product for all Magento users. We appreciate your time and look forward to more great discussions and contributions.

See you on GitHub.

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