Magento is always looking for ways to improve our product offering for merchants around the world. That’s why we’re thrilled to tell you about the new features and new website that we created specifically for our UK based merchants. UK merchants can now feel right at home on a site that is designed specifically for them and with a platform that can accommodate their unique business needs.

The new UK site features localised content. The platform has also been modified to reflect current UK tax laws and shipping regulations. And Magento Go now complies with the new UK cookie law.

Additional Features to Meet UK Merchants Needs

Compliance with
UK Cookie Law
M2E pre-enabled
Royal Mail
VAT on shipping an entire order
Improved PayPal experience, including Express Checkout'


And with plans ranging from £9.99 to £79.99, Magento Go is a viable solution for any small or emerging business.

If you are a UK based merchant who is already using Go and would like to access our new UK features, simply contact us. At your request, we’ll help you enable the features at no additional cost.

Looking to start a new store, or just want to test-drive some of the new features? We recommend that you sign up for our 30-day free trial on our new site to begin growing your business your way in the UK.

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