The Magento team announced the availability of Magento Preview Version CE, but this is not a security release and that’s why it is not to be used on live Magento sites. The main aim of this release is to let developers and users understand what features will come with the next secure Magento release. Actually, “‘rc’ suffix means that the release is getting closer to being stable. It is not recommended to be used in a production environment but all features and functionality are locked in for this version. Code and API might change slightly to accommodate for bugs or issues that are found in this release.”

As for Magento Preview Version CE, you are welcome to test how it works and share your feedback and ideas. If it happens so that you find any bug, please report it in the bug tracker.

As usual a new release brings new features and enhancements, including Updated PayflowLink HSS user interface in checkout, Two-step password reset flow, etc. For a detailed list of improvements please see release notes.

As for the download part, you can either download this Magento Version from the official site or via SVN. Also, you can get the Magento Preview Version CE through the Connect Manager.

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