The advantage of Facebook as a marketing tool for your online store just became a lot more powerful. Magento has introduced support for the new “Want” and “Own” Facebook buttons, driving social based traffic for all Magento online stores. The social buttons can be easily installed on product and catalog pages and are provided as a Magento core extension for Magento Community and Enterprise.

image Customers can now express themselves better than ever by adding items they “Want” on their Facebook pages for everyone to see and buy for them). Wish lists and Facebook profiles can now be closely linked.
image With the “Own” button marketing goes organic as consumers showcase items they are proud to own. Your customers become an extension of your marketing efforts as they are now able to answer questions, write reviews and provide recommendations on the products they own.


Magento is the first eCommerce platform to offer integration for the “Want” and “Own” buttons with the Facebook Open Graph 2.0 extension. Give your products and your business the latest Facebook connection.


This feature is available for Magento Enterprise and Community only.

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